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Achieve Success By Cultivating Mental Wellness

January 30, 2017

From free gym memberships to a breakroom stocked with healthy snacks, many companies today are caring for employees by offering benefits that promote health and wellness. But while diet- and exercise-focused perks are commonplace, it turns out there’s another form of wellness that can greatly affect employee satisfaction and engagement: mental wellness.

Defined as the ability to cope with stress, work efficiently, and make a positive impact, mental wellness can be influenced by many internal and external factors. High-stress environments, coworker attitudes, and a sense of loyalty can all contribute. In fact, Google recently discovered that the workplace functioned more efficiently when employees felt they could be vulnerable and trust their coworkers.

Cultivating Wellness Within

To nurture positive mental health within your company, focus on external factors you can control:

>Work to develop relationships and encourage participation that puts teamwork above competition. 

>Provide clear goals for teams and individuals in order to personally connect them to the company’s mission. 

>Practice openness while also fostering accountability.

Not only can such efforts create positive morale, but they can also promote productivity. By providing your workers with an environment where they feel safe and engaged, you’ll enhance mental health and wellness, resulting in fewer absences and greater creativity.