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A Business Owner’s Primer for Wealth Management

July 24, 2017

Joseph Geis, Program Manager for Wealth Management

You’ve built your business into a profitable operation. You provide for your family, take care of your employees, and have a clear vision for future growth. But what are you doing to manage your personal finances so they align with your long-term plans? Ask yourself these 11 questions to determine whether a structured wealth management plan could work for you. 

Business owners often struggle with the competing priorities of their work and personal lives, quickly realizing the day-to-day operations of the company consume most of their attention. A wealth manager can help you build a financial plan to bridge that gap by exploring your unique financial needs with questions like these: 

>What three words or concepts define your vision for tomorrow?

>What are the three things you’re doing to stay true to your unique value proposition? 

>List three ways you manage your personal and business finances?

>Name three ways your family is impacted by your business decisions?

>Do you have an exit plan for retirement? Who can run the business as passionately and efficiently as you?

>Did you pay too much in taxes last year?

>Do you have a plan to protect your assets from the transfer tax system?

>When is the last time you drew a salary for yourself?

>What would happen if you suddenly couldn’t work? How would that impact your household income?

>Describe three things you do to relieve the stress of running your business?

>What keeps you up at night?

3 Characteristics of an Effective Wealth Manager

  1. Consultative. Exhibits a strong desire to understand your unique circumstances and strives to know your business and to work in tandem to find solutions that align with your strategy. 
  2. Innovative. Ditches the one-size-fits-all mentality, and works without presuppositions as to the financial products or services that are appropriate for you. 
  3. Resourceful. Has a team of professionals ready to offer a robust suite of financial planning products and services.