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4 Tips for Customer Service Success

May 30, 2020

Is your business losing profits due to poor customer service? A recent report issued by New Voice Media found that more than $75 billion of business is lost annually due to poor customer service. Here are some tips for staying on your clients’ good side.

BE CONSIDERATE OF YOUR CLIENTS’ TIME. Prompt responses will demonstrate that you prioritize their timeline. For example, if your website estimates a 24-hour response time, reply in 3–4 hours instead. Use technology to under-promise, and then have a human employee exceed expectations.

HUMANIZE THE EXPERIENCE. Addressing a customer by name, practicing active listening, and finding shared interests will ensure that your customer feels valued. Clients want access to real people, not just automated messages.

PERSONALIZE YOUR RESPONSES. Experian Marketing Services states that personalized emails deliver six times more transaction rates. Instead of using terse, stodgy subject lines, such as “Your request has been received,” try a friendlier tone, like “Hi—thanks for reaching out. We’re on it.” Don’t underestimate the value of a customized note.

MAKE USE OF FEEDBACK. Whether it’s an email, phone survey, or the “Contact Us” section of your website, feedback demonstrates that you’re listening, and gives your business an easy way to make improvements.

According to American Express, 90% of American consumers use customer service as a factor in deciding whether or not to do business with a company. Research from Microsoft also shows that 96% of customers believe that customer service is a key component when considering brand loyalty.

Editors Note: This article was originally published on 11/08/2019, and has been updated on 5/30/2020.