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2020 Vision—The Future of Your Office Space

February 6, 2017

Updating older offices can be intimidating, especially when it seems like every “modern” office is an expansive warehouse with rows of identical workstations and desktop computers. Not only can that layout break the bank, but it could also be outdated in as little as five years. When considering an office refresh, follow our tips to future-proof your office and save money at the same time. 

The office of 2020 will be:

1. Customizable—As with employees, no two desks or workstations will be the same. What’s more, we could see fewer employees spending eight hours in the same chair, which means less reliance on assigned desks. Just like a favorite coffee shop—where you start at a table by the window then move to a chair in the corner—offices will have multiple accommodations. IN YOUR OFFICE: Consider giving new hires a stipend to buy their own furniture, or let them choose from what’s on hand.  

2. Cozy—Another problem with open, hangar-style offices is that they don’t afford privacy, which can take a psychological toll on your employees. To combat this, the newest offices in Silicon Valley are loaded with conference rooms and small meeting areas. IN YOUR OFFICE: Invest in a few comfy chairs and some mobile whiteboards. Create one or two “hubs” where employees can work alone or together. 

3. Tech—Ready—With increasingly mobile employees, their technology needs to be mobile as well. In five years, we’ll see significantly fewer desktop computers, as well as fewer filing cabinets, as companies shift toward Cloud storage. IN YOUR OFFICE: If you’re looking to upgrade computers, opt for company laptops instead of desktops. Steer clear of bulky office phones when a cell phone will do the trick. 

A few simple updates can help reflect your organization’s commitment to progress. It could also make a positive impact on your employees’ perception of your company—inspiring them to succeed and enhancing your company culture. 

Refreshing Spaces: Get inspired by new twists on office space updates:

> Method—The manufacturer of biodegradable household cleaners has an office space as sleek and clean as their products, emulating product design from the inside out. 

> Etsy—The online marketplace for handmade goods allows new employees to choose from a variety of different workstations, providing them with a small stipend to spend on Etsy for decorations.