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10 Ways to Effectively Utilize Social Media

August 18, 2016

1. Pick Your Platforms. Select accounts that make sense for your business based on the platforms your customers use and the type of content you're planning to produce.

2. Focus on Relevant Content. If you don’t want to read it, your audience won’t either. Focus on what you specialize in, positioning yourself as an industry leader in your category. 

3. Produce Quality Pieces. Create content that’s meaningful and well done—that captures the essence of your business. 

4. Learn from the Competition. Research how competitors are utilizing social media. Assess whether their approach is working and how you can improve upon what they’ve done. 

5. Add Value. Mix in content from outside your direct product offerings. You want to be seen as a hub for well-rounded information, so sprinkle in content that showcases trends, authenticity, and special events. 

6. Acknowledge People. When someone leaves a review, sends a message, or shares your post, give them a response to show your gratitude. 

7. Be Accessible. Check your accounts daily to make sure you’re responding to any inquiries about your business. 

8. Share Your Posts. Encourage your team to engage with posts by sharing and commenting on them. 

9. Manage Timing. Utilize a consistent strategy when it comes to the timing and frequency of your social media posts. In most cases, once a day, Monday through Friday, is enough. Many platforms offer you the option of creating and scheduling content in advance. 

10. Be Patient. Successful engagement and business growth takes time on social platforms—but can prove to be very rewarding once established.